Monday, May 30, 2011


I chose this song in honor of all the men and women who bravely lost their lives so that we may experience freedom. Before you play this video, please be sure to turn off the music player on the right hand side. Enjoy!

Memorial Day is celebrated today. A remembrance of all the people who have lost their lives for our freedom. It also is a time for pause and contemplation about ones own mortality. I believe that there is no better way to pay respect to those who have lost their lives for us than by living our own life to it's fullest.  
So, my husband and I sat down and looked at the rest of the year and things we would like to accomplish.  We have decided upon his first triathlon and his first marathon. Originally, we had wanted his first marathon to be the ING Miami Marathon in January 2012.  ING Miami was my first marathon in 2007. We have registered for it and are training. But after contemplation we decided that life was too short to wait. Why not run one in the fall.  So we have decided upon Space Coast Marathon Thanksgiving weekend. On Mike's 50th birthday on July 23 we are registered for the Siesta Key Beach Triathlon. It will be Mike's first triathlon. I am registering as a relay team with my two sons. I am so excited! So here is what the rest of our year's racing schedule looks like:
1.  Siesta Key Beach Sprint Triathlon - July 23
2.  Siesta Key Sharks Sprint Triathlon - October 2
3.  Bills 5 mile Beer Run - October 30
3.  Space Coast Marathon - November 27
4.  Ringling 4 Mile Bridge Run - Jan
5.  ING Miami Marathon - January 29
For 2012 we have set our goals on more marathons and triathlons and a 50 mile ultra and the Half Iron Man (one of my bucket list goals)!!
Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that we may live our dreams. We are so deeply grateful! Because of you we are free to run!!

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