Monday, May 27, 2013

How to make a lamp from a clay pot

I found this beautiful clay pot in the back room on the clearance table.  This sparked an idea for a lamp. We have just purchased a small home near the beach and will be moving in about a month. In the meantime I am trying to get decorating ideas that will carry the beach theme into our little home.  I am looking for unique items that will make our home... 'our home'.  This is the first piece that I have been inspired by.  Hope this inspires you to create something new and unique.
Here are the supplies you will need :
Lamp kit from Lowes or Home Depot - cost - $10.00
Clay pot - I found mine regularly priced at $100 marked down to $25 - you can use any unusual container such as glass bottles etc.
Plug for hole opening.  This was the hardest part to find. I wondered around Hobby Lobby looking forever on what would cover the hole. I chose a 31/2 inch wooden disc for 85 cents that worked perfectly and I painted it a neutral gray to match the pot. You can use cork, sculpy clay in which you mold it to fit and bake it to harden.
Epoxy glue 
Drill and Masonary bit to drill hole in pot and piece you chose for plugging hole.
Masking tape
Lamp shade - I did not get this on sale. I thought it was overly priced at $25 at Lowe's. But I was excited to do my project so I bought it. In the future I plan on making my own lamp shade.
So there is the list of supplies.  Watch the video on how to complete and enjoy!!

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