Sunday, November 15, 2009


Quite often, when someone finds out that I run, I am asked 'Why? Why would anyone want to do that?'.  To which my response has always been, 'If I have to explain it to you then you still would not get it.'  Truth is, there are many, many reasons I run.  I discover more reasons just about every time I run. So for those who want to know the answer to that question, here are just a few of those reasons.

I run because :
  1. It is a challenge and I love to conquer a challenge.
  2. With each rhythmic foot step, I relieve stress and  solve problems.
  3. I feel so ALIVE when I have accomplished a run.
  4. It has provided me a special time to spend with my friends and has enriched a particularly special and dear friendship.
  5. When I run alone, I have awesome prayer time.
  6. I have always hoped that somehow, through my running, I could inspire others to reach for their dreams.  After all, if I could do it, anyone could.
These are just a few of the many reasons I run.  The last one, #6 hit a very special note with me several months ago. While eating at a local restaurant with my family, I saw some women that I went to High School with.  I had not seen some of these women for over 30 years and they were there at the restaurant having a small High School reunion.  I took my two sons, Hayden who is 17 and Noah who was 11, over to meet them.  As we were walking back to our table, I told my children how proud I was to introduce them to my friends. My youngest son Noah surprised me by stating "I'm proud of YOU mom".  "Why?" I asked. To which he responded matter of factly, "Seriously mom, what other kid can say that their mom runs marathons? No one that I know can say that!" While I stood with my heart in my throat, my oldest son chimed in to say "Yeah mom,  even my friends think it's cool." 
I can't even begin to describe how those words from my children touched me - so I won't even try.
And that, my friends, are some of the reasons why I run.

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