Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am spending this cold, rainy, dreary afternoon in front of a wonderful, warm and crackling fire.  I am refusing to turn on the television, for I know if I do, there will inevitably be something about the 'falling from grace' of Tiger Woods.  I don't watch much TV, but this morning, after fixing a nice steaming cup of coffee I turned on the news to catch up on what was going on in the world.  Evidently nothing, for once again, it was all about Tiger's sins.  I get on the internet, and low and behold, Tiger is on my home page.  On the radio, nothing but Tiger.  
This afternoon, my husband and I went shopping.  We stopped in a restaurant to get a bite to eat - there were TV's everywhere (which I hate in eating establishments) and on every single one of them was the 'Falling From Grace' Tiger woods story. ESPN was even doing a one hour 'special' on this 'exciting and scandalous breaking news'. This deeply saddens me.  It serves as a reference point in society as to where we are at and what we have become. We are a society of having 'no life'.  The most watched shows on TV are reality shows, which are nothing but voyeurism. In watching others make an ass out of themselves, it somehow makes us feel better about ourselves. I can't help but wonder how different  things would be if, instead of passing judgment on one another and trying to make sure that each one of us 'pays' for our sins, we just simply extended grace? 
Tiger Woods is known as the greatest golfer in the world and is a huge public icon.  But plain and simple, he is still just a man. A human being.  That means...imperfect, will make mistakes....he hurts....he bleeds...just like everyone else.  I am in no way condoning what Tiger has done.  But we as humans want to step in and make people 'pay' for what they have done.  I have never been known for being the 'greatest' at anything, but I have certainly had my fair share of  judgment from others .  Nothing hurts more than to be judged by the ones whom you thought loved you.  It is even more crushing to find out that the people who should  love you unconditionally have  placed 'conditions' on their love. Interestingly enough, what I have found is, that those who judged me the loudest and harshest are the ones who have 'sinned' far greater than I.
I know that when I, or someone I love has been unfairly judged, I have tended to lash back and remind the judger's of their sin's and thus their own hypocrisy.  This tactic has not worked well for me.  It simply keeps the hurt continuously cycling back to me. God set into place the law of "sowing and reaping", some call it Karma.  I believe that as humans, we are meant to extend love and grace just as the bible states (new testament) and let God's laws work its natural ways.  When we extend judgement and hate we interrupt that law and start a vicious, never ending cycle upon ourselves. 
One of my favorite perfumes is called 'Amazing Grace'. It is sweet, delicate and soft. It makes me feel good when I wear it - That is much the way grace is, sweet, delicate and most importantly, it is precious. The same words can apply to the way it feels to the extending of grace to one of our fellow humans.  Nothing warms and softens the heart more then receiving grace from the one who could have judged you. We should all just draw a line in the sand and allow no more judgement to our fellow humans.  Leave the stone throwing to those who have no sin. (Haven't met anyone like that yet!) The law of reaping and sowing (Karma)  can be changed as the heart of the trespasser changes.  Will there still be consequences for wrong actions? Unfortunately, yes!  I just wish the media and society would get a life, and quit throwing the self righteous stones at someone because of their humanity.  I heard a wise man  once say, "the church (and in this case, the world also) thinks it is its responsibility to make everyone right".  God simply wants us to help make others whole.  
Blessings and healing to the Woods' Family!


  1. Hiya, I've been thinking a lot lately about this too.

    One thing we can all agree on, laws of society and of our culture, and the laws imposed on humans for the purposes of conforming to the greater good of mankind take the back seat as people follow the laws that they feel are true and/or make them feel good.

    I'm not one to believe in moral compasses or being or not-being moral because of the existence of a moral code. I think people are inherently born loving and caring, kind - and we don't really need any moral code to force us to be who we really are.

    Ok, now back to the issue at hand - Tiger Woods and the stone throwing. Tiger Woods commands the attention of the entire world, his discipline, and his passion for his creative-outlet (golf)has rocketed him out into orbit, way ahead of all people - he is from one of those spirits that has a hunger for massive expansion.

    His spirit has purposely set this obstacle before him, to rise and expand to this new challenge. Any suffering caused by this is all in his mind, no one is physically throwing stones at him, although (to him) it may feel as if someone is.

    This is all designed by Tiger to get Tiger to get back to who he really is, and stop taking all of these illusions so seriously, and to help him realize that it is he who makes his life positive and happy, thus setting him free.

    I think this happens to everybody - I read on your phlog that you made some bad decisions that lead up to you getting back to your creative passion and to who you really are. Same thing is happening to Tiger but on a more grandiose scale.

    I see this media - three ring circus as a positive - positive vibrations - these are natural forces that cause people to seek within themselves for their inner happiness - that they once had, but somehow lost.

    I hope Tiger can pull through this and can get back to the leading edge of his vibration in this lifetime - I really love him and all the creativity he puts out there - inspires me to do my best.

    Thanks for this opportunity Annette -

    I love your paintings btw :)


  2. Excellent point Jason! When this happens it does force one to take a step back, re-evaluate and hopefully get back to who you truly are. Thank you for sharing your comment.